Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report


It has been more than three years since Metro embarked on the “Water for Life” project which was initially targeted to be completed in November 2015. The project was extended by another year and is set to conclude in November 2016. Over the years, in collaboration with the Singapore International Foundation, Pioneer Junior College and the Cipta Karya Public Works Service, the project has installed 120 environmentally friendly Hyflux membrane water filters in villages across the Lamongan Regency.

Metro is glad to report that about 27,000 adults and children in the regency have benefited from access to clean drinking water. There has been an 80% reduction in reports of those falling ill due to water-borne diseases. Students have also been successfully influenced to adopt improved health and hygiene practices through basic hygiene education and the distribution of 12,000 hygiene kits. Metro hopes that with the reduction in incidence of water-borne sanitation diseases, the beneficiaries’ quality of life will be improved.

While the “Water for Life Lamongan” project will be wrapping up in the coming months, going forward, the Group will continue to involve itself in meaningful causes and projects that will benefit the community.


Making a difference to the community through education has been a longstanding corporate social responsibility agenda of Metro. Over the years, Metro has embarked on a number of initiatives to enhance education and learning among students.

Metro Scholarship

More than 1,000 students, largely from low income backgrounds in the Xuhui district in Shanghai, have benefited from the Metro Scholarship. Initiated by the late Mr Jopie Ong, the scholarship has been ongoing for over 10 years since 2005. To continue cultivating the spirit of providing the next generation of deserving students in need of financial support, Metro has pledged to donate a total of RMB500,000 to the scholarship programme over the next five years.

Shanghai Children's Fund

The Shanghai Children’s Fund, which Metro has supported with donations of RMB1,000,000 over the last three years, has provided more than 900 students the opportunity to participate in day care classes during the summer holidays. Through these classes, it aims to develop students beyond academic aspects. These include physical education as well as curriculum to stimulate their innovativeness. Going forward, a new round of donations amounting to a total of RMB1 million has been earmarked for the period of 2016 to 2018 in order to support and improve the quality of this meaningful initiative.

Shanghai Xuhui District Educational Development Fund

To deliver effective education to students, having dynamic teaching professionals that make a difference to learning is key. In that regard, Metro has donated over RMB400,000 in the last three years to the Shanghai Xuhui District Educational Development Fund which strives to develop quality curriculum and rewards outstanding teachers in the district.

Shanghai Metro Hope School

In September 2015, volunteers from Metro also visited the Shanghai Metro Hope School in Fengyang county of Anhui province, China, in addition to the annual scholarship given out to commendable students.


Metro continued on its efforts to lower its energy consumption which has reaped benefits in conserving the environment and provided tangible cost savings. With an upfront investment of RMB45,000, the replacement of fire exit lights in Metro Tower, Shanghai, with motion sensor Light-Emitting Diodes (“LEDs”), was successfully completed in November 2015. The electricity savings rate from the initiative is projected to reach about 78% annually.

The Group is also on track to extend a similar energy saving plan in the second half of 2016 to Metro City, Shanghai. 32 escalator handrail lights will be replaced with cost saving LED lamps through an anticipated investment of RMB300,000. When completed, the Group expects to reduce its carbon footprint by the equivalent of 26.9 tonnes of coal annually or an energy savings rate of about 82%.


As a group with diverse stakeholders across the world, Metro has a strong commitment towards actively supporting the community and being environmentally conscious. The Group has been actively involved in corporate social activities in Indonesia, China and Singapore, and hopes to leave a positive and lasting impact for the improvement of society as well as for the betterment of the next generation.